Whether one eats to live or lives to eat, the construct of involvement with food is the essence of human living. The importance of food is essential and obvious. Healthy food will provide you with nutrients, energy to develop & grow, to be active to move and to work. Think & learn. In a nutshell, Food is the essence of life for not only PHYSICAL but MENTAL & SPIRITUAL well-being.

Appropriately, our forefathers followed some basic concepts which had to be followed with food while we got involved with it.

To start with; we

MUST BE GRATEFUL TO THE ALMIGHTY FOR THE FOOD. we should follow this ritual, pray and thank the Omnipotent before we start taking our meals.

This will firstly make you more meditative, calm, and mindful about your eating and scientifically, the positive vibes or vibrations will help the food particles to break down through digestion, which would be released into energy by body chemical process easily.

FOLLOW HYGIENE WITH THE FOOD. Food is a part of nature’s offering to us. Mostly, it is pure but gets contaminated due to human intervention during the process of its growing, picking, storing, processing, cooking, serving, and finally eating. Cleanliness, in terms of growing, storing, and cooking should be followed as strictly & spiritually as we offer ‘Prasad’ during worship.

INCLUDE MORE OF SEASONAL SATTVIC FOOD IN ROUTINE. We should follow this regimen of seasonal & local fruits and veggies that are fresh and highly nutritious. They are supposed to be much lighter & purer. There is a proven analogy of this in the physical realm. Babies are given light food during their developmental stage and the elder clan too is normally fed with lighter food. Though there is nothing bad in non-veg food as per the disposition of the human body, the vibrational compatibility to break the food ingredients faster and easier lies with the lighter food.

BE MINDFUL & HAPPY WHILE EATING. While the food is served, be calm, cool & happy. spend time eating with your near and dear ones. If food has taken ‘much’ time to be palatably prepared, ‘some’ time must be spent to relish it. Scientifically, you should spend at least 20 mins at the table for dinner or lunch. A stressful, fearful, angry disposition on the dinner table impacts the digestion of food.

FOOD HAS TO BE TAKEN AS A SOURCE OF PRANA OR ENERGY. The very purpose of your eating the food dictates the outcome. We should never eat just for the heck of it. Must feel that the food is providing you or going to provide you the energy necessary for your survival and well-being.

Overall, our level of involvement with food defines the level of our physical & mental well-being. So, whether we eat to live or live to eat, food is the most important factor to be involved in.