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A big change starts with a small step. Our expert team will create a special program following your health and body needs.

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Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Timing : 10:00AM – 05:00PM  

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Metamorphosis Workshop, Webinar and Lecture

Seminars, talks and webinar by an experienced, trusted wellness coach to a team of workers in corporate world, staff, school students, college goers or personnels of any establishment like NGO, Armed forces, CRPF, Police organisation is one of the most popular options nowadays to make your ‘Team’ exercise, gets stress free employees work more efficiently & produce higher results, saving health treatment cost to the company or the organisation, increase productivity of employees, students & personnel and also focussing on the common goal of the establishment.

At ‘Metamorphosis’ with our Seminars (day long or of time specific requirement wise} provide you and your team the following :

1. Address the uncertain times making them understand and cope up with stress, anxiety and unnecessary emotions.

2. Create an atmosphere and teach your staff to bring out work life balance with better wellness tools.

3. Bring out importance of good nutritional habits and inculcate a habit to gain positive effect at work, increased energy levels. This corporate programmes empower your staff and team with wisdom regarding nutrition, physical fitness hacks and encouragement to do all this for themselves.

4. We inculcate deep sleep habits through these workshop as it is the most essential ritual to transform your staff from every negativity. This being the root cause of all the ailments and negativity in any establishments is little known but most concerning. At Metamorphosis we train our clients team in engaging into deep sleep by our exercises and little help.

5. Our workshops are also designed to address mindfulness and leading a satisfied life through Meditation and simple yoga exercises.

These all programmes are customised on the basis of age, group, requirement of the organisation and above all satisfaction and overall development of the entire crowd of the establishment, School, college, club or any specific team/ group.