Why My Child Is Fussy About Eating? ‘The Truth About Child and Adolescent Nutrition’

Must care, why your child is so fussy in eating! The roots of developing better nutritional habit starts during childhood and builds up during their adolescence. Give your child his/her due as he/she deserve a good health.

While requisite nutrition is vital throughout childhood, it is in particular, very important & crucial during the first five years of childhood life because that is the time when children grow rapidly and their growth is entirely dependent on their parents for their food habits and intake.

These are the foundation years for their different health requirements during their growth, mind development & physical activities. It’s also important to understand what the children should eat, the amount, the frequency, our concern about their food allergies, their fussy habits, tiffin box habits and intolerances, snacking habits and etc to make a base for their overall development as toddlers and further as adolescents.

Similarly, adolescence (10 – 19 years) is very crucial time when rapid physical growth takes place and so is the nutritional requirement. Wrong dietary habit may contribute to nutrition related problems like anaemia, obesity, growth, resistance to infection, cognitive development etc. that have later consequences for long-term health issues.

Basically, their habits are governed through social environment (both family and friends), food availability and their perceived norms.

Therefore, we at ‘Metamorphosis’ understand the importance of balanced nutrition in the most important growth phase of the life called childhood to adolescence. Not only we guide for correct nutrition but we also encourage your child to adapt to a correct nutritional habit in their life to attain maximum benefit during their growth period.

In other words, our wellness advice is focused on requirement of food according to age by keeping in mind the allergies if any. We encourage them for more outdoor activities and also counsel them for their stress.

Moreover, we just don’t guide for their diet and nutrition but guide for complete wellness in holistic way to develop a habit of living healthy throughout their life, not by lecturing but convincing them through reasoning and their accepting facts through proper logic.