The Secret To Win Over Sleep Deprivation

Do you feel sleepy all the time, yet not been able to sleep sound once you go to bed? It is actually sleep trouble; also termed as sleep deprivation. This sleep deprivation is the root cause of all lifestyle diseases including obesity. Understand the science of sleep and how to get those recommended 8 hourly sleep for a rejuvenated you, working day long !

In recent times we have misunderstood and mistreated our sleep the most. We all are running behind success and want to utilise the all possible 24 hours in best possible ways;  and in bargain sleep gets victimised. We feel that sleep is just waste of time. We never realise that why even Doctors have started prescribing 8 hours sleep daily i.e. 1/3rd of a day. Yes, sleep is that important that shall be attended as basic need for your 1/3rd of your life.

In other words, poor sleep can land you in problems you don’t even realise like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, stress, poor memory, short life, dull skin, greying of hair, bad immunity, accident etc.

We at ‘Metamorphosis’ understand the importance of sleep in your life and understand how miserable and lonely you feel when your nights are sleep deprived. We respect your willingness to invest your time to understand and practice good sleep hygiene in your life.

Therefore, we help you to find out the irritants or reason for sleep deprivation and guide you, how to remove those irritants from your life.

We also coach for ‘practice of forgiveness’. As this is one of the main  reason of sleep deprived nights. At night when you are all alone your thoughts disturbs you; you go back to your past, your problems, your anxieties and regret about it. This unending chain of thought trouble you. We educate you to shift your thoughts like a channel and change bad thoughts with good one.

We help you in practicing mindfulness. Peace and happiness is not ultimate destination of life. It is your basic requirement of life. With practice you can be master of your mind. In conclusion, with your will power you can master your sleep and get unlimited advantage like healthy, healthy and glowing you. Sleep better for living better.