Secrets & Facts You Didn’t Know About Obesity

Life’s all medical troubles start here; If you have extra kilos of fat on your belly and your body. Be scientific to shed your kilos not only for looks but also for fitness to avoid all lifestyle diseases. It is not just a cosmetic reason for that one should worry; It is a medical problem that increases the risk of start of other diseases like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and some types of cancer. It is prudent to know that today more than 650 million adults, 39 million children below 5 years of age and 340 million children and adolescent between 5-19 years of age are obese.

Must understand that obesity is a complex life style disease that generally starts with energy imbalance that happens by taking more calories in than burning them out through exercise or daily physical activity. In other terms, a person having more than 30 BMI is categorised as obese.

However; good news is that, it is preventable. You can be more fitter, smarter, healthier and happier by just bringing a slight change in your lifestyle and changed approach towards your life.

We at ‘Metamorphosis’ guide you to minimise this energy imbalance through decreasing energy intake and increasing energy expenditure simultaneously. We follow scientific and ethical practice of weight loss. As too less calorie intake for weight reduction can be detrimental to your health and life in long run. This unethical practice is not welcomed at ‘Metamorphosis’. We do scientific things like

Firstly, we analyse the reason for the weight gain. Accordingly, we advise customised diet and exercise. We believe that every individual is different and unique and that’s what their requirement is also different.

Secondly, we guide our patient to the world of yoga and meditation as these are the best techniques for self-actualization and self-connect. No one can motivate you better, except you.

Thirdly, we help them to inculcate a good sleeping habit, one of the main reason for weight gain.

In conclusion, we guide and educate our patients to achieve complete wellness in their life. Not for 100 days or few months, but throughout their life making it as a life habit to live healthy.