Eggs are one of the few superfoods that is considered to be containing much more than we can expect for a staple diet. It is supposed to be power house for protein as they contain all essential amino acids which our body can’t produce on its own naturally.

To understand an egg; the white part is complete protein & water and the yolk part contains minerals like Iron, Vit A, Vit D, Phosphorus, Calcium, Riboflavin, Lecithin, an effective emulsifier and above all proteins like in white part. In a nutshell Eggs are packed with a wide range of Nutrients which are important for good health; and the most of it is found in its yolk (yellow part) So be sure to eat the whole egg and not only white part which most of us think and follow. Even the fat content (5-6 gm in 1 egg) is mostly unsaturated and are known to be omega-3.

The best thing about eggs are that they are quite filling; they will stop you to be eating more even if the taste buds are craving and are best when taken boiled or par boiled or cooked with less oil & salt. An egg, with only 70 calories provides 12% od Vit D, 14% of Phosphorus, 8% Vit A and !5% of riboflavin.

Benefits are many; To include, Improves brain functioning, weight management, muscle building, bone strengthening, improves mood (B12), protect eyes and takes care of skin glow & hair issues.

But contain precautions too needs paying head to like….Storage of eggs (keep it fresh preferred refrigeration), Expiry date or sell by date is 3-4 weeks. Unwashed eggs have longer shelf life of 6 weeks, avoid eating raw (though contain fitness trainers promulgate this idea; but you will not be able to find out contaminate if any in raw state or getting Biotin poisoning giving dry rashes, brittle hair & fatigue.

So, enjoy the egg-cellent food called eggs; it is full of wanted ingredients and more so even it is itself an important ingredient of healthy body & mind. So make the best out it, Sunday or Monday, Anday, any day !