Dibya Prakash

Founder, Metamorphosis

Wellness Therapist, Dietician (Life Member of IDA), Diabetes Educator, Counsellor, Yoga & Meditation Practitioner, Deep Sleep Mentor, Blogger, Social Worker and a Certified Trainer.

Dibya’s qualifications include Bachelor of Pharmacy, MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, Masters in Dietetics & Food Service Management, Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, Diploma in Child Psychology, Certificate in Yoga, Professional Diploma in Weight Loss and Fitness & Certified MSME Trainer.

Dibya combines the evidence based holistic practices, proven nutritional treatments with mix of exercises, suave yoga & meditation and Sleep techniques for individualistic tailor-made requirements. Dibya’s strength is in utilizing food as a medicine and in acknowledging the mind body connection. She has acquired acumen of understanding the modern psychology of patients with abnormalities leading to obesity, life style diseases, cancer, auto immune disorder, to be moms, pregnant mom and nutritional care of both mother & child, balance nutritional requirement for sports personal and elderly people.

For 10 years now, Dibya has been working with her clients and patients listening to their worries & concerns and providing them out of box but simple solutions for complete change in their approach towards life for their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being by helping them to improve their nutritional intake (what, when & how much), physical fitness through customized yoga and exercise mix, mental well-being through meditation and required counselling and sleeping well.

She believes in ethical diet practices, rather working for short term, she believes in educating her clients regarding importance of adapting healthy life style choices throughout their life without much restrictions. She understands individual strength and flexibility before prescribing yoga & exercise for physical fitness.

Dibya & her team are genuinely personable and warmly well spoken with boundless empathy and good listening skills that help her to extract the right information from you to tailor your treatment plan.