Brilliant Ways To Combat & Revive Acute Medical Conditions

Acute medical conditions are the conditions that appear or happen all of a sudden without prior symptoms certain examples of Acute Medical Conditions are Burn, Broken Bone, Allergic attacks, severe injury or conditions like Flu, Dengue, Pneumonia, Malaria, COVID, Jaundice, Typhoid etc. Though such kind of medical conditions respond well to treatments and therapies but it totally depends on the severity of the disease.
Many a times you need to get admitted in the hospital where large doses of medicine kills your appetite completely after recovery. It takes long time to feel energetic and coming back to your normal routine and leaves you completely drained physically.

Though if handled carefully with proper diet & nutritional care, it can heal you better & faster. Such acute medical conditions if not looked after well with proper medical care and NUTRITIONAL care; it may aggravate and the other body parts starts getting affected making it a life threatening issue.

The acute condition has basically two way of Nutritional care requirement. Firstly, during the medical problem and secondly the aftercare or rehabilitation.

Generally all diseases with acute conditions ask for a special diet care. It is a proven fact that only medicine with correct diet can do the wonders.

We at ‘Metamorphosis’ bring out a detailed, analysed & customised dietary advice for all the acute medical conditions like Dengue, Typhoid, Malaria, Jaundice, burn, broken bone, severe injury etc. The customised advice vary for different conditions for example.

we understand that during dengue the requirement is of large amount of fluid intake which can help in increasing the platelet counts. Similarly in COVID the requirement is there of immune invigorating diet with healing During COVID pandemic large number of patients have taken nutritional and personalised wellness advice for COVID and Post COVID complications and recovered better and faster.

In conclusion, at ‘Metamorphosis’ be assured to be looked after in the best possible management of Acute conditions through correct Nutritional advice. We not only provide advice for correct and balanced nutrition but we also advice for correct amount of hydration required for your condition as per your body requirement.

Also we provide practical solutions that do not bother too much to patient or caretaker to follow. We monitor patient every 24 hour and change plan accordingly till the time patient gets stable.