Where Can You Find Elderly Nutrition Advices?

Eating right and staying active are important, no matter what your age is? Once you do enough sacrifices for the family it’s pertinent that you take out time to enjoy life with utmost care including your nutritional intake, which is the basic of all cares at elderly age.

Though balanced nutrition is the key for healthy life at all stages of life. But at this stage you are supposed to give more attention on your dietary intake and lifestyle. As your physical activity gets reduced and you start living more sedentary life .

With good nutrition and lifestyle you can maintain muscle strength, control weight and prevent some common diseases like, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

We at ‘Metamorphosis’ respect you and your sacrifices for your family. We understand it’s your time to get special care and treatment. We understand this important aspect as in old age your requirement of food, nutrition and taste buds are different than the younger at home.

These elderly people require a pampered and different nutritional intake as per their age, medical condition and strength. Therefore, we provide customised nutrition & diet plan as per your taste, requirement, BMR and physical activity.

Firstly, we analyse your profile and on the basis of that we suggest you diet by keeping your medical condition, medicine taken and food allergy or intolerance if any. The nutritional advice caters for the requirements of carbohydrate, fibre options, fruit intake, protein requirement, dairy food, fat inclusion. We also keep in mind your digestion pattern and physical inactivity.

Secondly, we encourage to live a addiction free life, though it’s mostly self-controlled. But if counselled well can motivate to live addiction free life.

In conclusion, while the ‘old man’ has done so much for us, he/she needs that special attention too in the times when he/she requires that special care.

God has given us one life and we must enjoy and celebrate every single day of our life. So, come and celebrate your life with us!