The Secret of Best Mother Care, From Conceiving To Shaping Back

You deserve more as a ‘creator’. So be guided to Wellness, Nutrition & Psychological care and tips to complete your motherhood journey from conception to Lactation in a better manner.

Being a mother is the most beautiful phase of any woman’s life. It is that event which changes the life of a woman completely. Therefore, prepare yourself for this journey – physically, mentally and emotionally; so that you can enjoy thoroughly and cherish each and every moment of it.

When you conceive, lot of physical and hormonal changes take place in the body to ensure your as well as the baby’s growth and development. The physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and then labour, birth, and breast feeding play vital roles in guiding women in the journey of becoming a mother.

During this period, if you don’t strengthen yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, you and your baby will face a number of health related issues in future.

Today being pregnant is mostly by ‘choice’ than ‘chance’ but the essence remains univocal i.e. of ‘creation’, where a woman has been courageous & bold enough to undergo the most painful journey carved out for minimum of three years.

These ‘Three years process’ starts with generation of this idea or ‘choice’ of a to be mother to conceive, look after trimester wise (03 months each), Being in 6-9 months the most critical…. Post-natal care of mother and child….and Rehabilitation including coming back to own shape & size (in next one year}

We at ‘Metamorphosis’ support you with a correct diet counselling to prepare you for conceiving the child, during nine months of pregnancy and post-delivery again regaining the health, shape and structure without restricting much on food choices.

Idea is to modulate the food and supplement to the ‘to be mother’, ‘pregnant mother’ and ‘the mother’. A very scientific approach to handle the dietary & wellness requirement is applied to tackle individual requirements as per medical condition of the mother. A healthy pregnancy time and post pregnancy rehabilitation is taken care of in the most scientific way you can perceive.