Of late, we all come across this anxiety syndrome and parents’ stress, “My kid is not learning music, playing guitar, painting despite keeping a teacher or coach for that skill enhancement ….. that we are trying to provide him/her with all the necessary support but the child is not getting good at it”……

These concerns were divulged during my recent online client consultation for a group of parents living in a posh NCR residential society. I was pleasantly surprised to feel their concerns, as I too; don this motherhood crown…..so should I also be concerned of these issues at hand??

Analysis of these concerns reveal that we as parents are too ambitious and have cultivated result-oriented mindset like our corporate life culture. It has become something like ‘investing in skills’ for our children and not getting enough ‘returns’ out of it. In our times, may be our parents never thought of an all-round development or those opportunities were not present or rather we were too engrossed in simple things like singing for ourselves or forced during some school or college events but  ‘GETTING GOOD AT IT’ was never a concern.

Singing, Dancing, Painting or such hobbies are part of living as a human behaviour.

Remedy of such concern is, in our thought process. We have to let this younger generation live with these hobbies in a subtle natural manner unless the child wants a specialization in these skills for his future goal setting himself. It is normal child psychology that once you are behind the child for getting better at any skill enhancement for his/her hobby, he is likely to lose interest in those hobbies and would tend to put them aside . No one needs to be productive to keep a hobby….Be at leisure to do these, let them enjoy because ‘not every action is aimed at a profit incurring reaction’.