Fear of unknown and the same transcending to the mind affecting daily life and physical symptoms like cramps in stomach, unable to concentrate, an unusual heartbeat, sweating abnormally and feeling of sickness may be happening because of the ‘ANXIETY SYNDROME’ and more particularly this might be prominent during these days i.e. Corona times’.

Not getting into the nitty – gritty of the same i.e. Science behind getting Anxious. Many psychologists have done extensive research work on the subject, and are on it every day. New vistas are opening as to why people are going through this disorder. Science behind it is surely complex.

Getting forced to adapt new norms like masks, social distancing, isolation, online Offices & Classes, compulsory worries from the News updates, Blurred timelines for the vaccine, Worries regarding finances, Health concerns for elder and old family members staying away and many more other trivial things are bringing this Anxiety in you, me and everyone.

Avoidance may not help, as we all are socially woven to have concerns alive both for self and others. But what might help is to understand that we have little or no control on what happens with the corona virus or the economy or with our near dear ones but what we can control is ‘how we RESPOND to them’.

After interacting with various segments of people i.e. friends, family members, clients and near dear ones what I prescribe as a friend and well -wisher is to follow the following:

• Stick fast to a routine as a timeline sort of from getting up early in the morning to the good night sleep. It will give a sense of predictability, when everything is changing.

• Prefer doing Yoga & Meditation (Try, it really helps I have done it and vouch for it)

• Try to have your meals together, listen to music rekindle your youth days, share great and simple life stories with your family Be happy for nothing.

• Take notice of things which make you feel good try and do things which you thought you could and enjoyed doing that but relegated them for later.

• Avoid those News Channels which used to irritate you even during pre- corona times. Try to see and read something regarding your history you will feel rejuvenated

And lastly some Nutritional take and advice what I follow and would recommend.

• You may consider to eat foods containing nutrients which help reducing anxiety like Banana, Curd, and Fatty fishes, Eggs, Pumpkins, Mushroom and Turmeric in much quantity than usual.

• If you are experiencing lack of sleep due to Anxiety Vitamin B6 supplement may help as it aids the production of Melatonin, the hormone responsible to aid you in sleeping.

• Also try and include spinach, whole grains, milk, cheese, egg & fish in your dietary habit.

Someone has rightly told, ‘Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice. It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. So, It is your strong will with your sub conscious mind which can provide the wherewithal to sail through this anxiety.