Copying how the celebrities eat to achieve the ‘Size Zero’ is just like trying to force your’s size 8 foot into their size 6 shoe, Be it the Cover girl August 20 Edition of Vogue Magazine i.e. Hailey Bieber or even August Edition of Filmfare with Kareena Kapoor, There is no point being copy cats to models for their target slim waistline. It is surprising to explore Bieber’s or Kareena’s efforts and modus operandi. The celebrities have to be in shape for their avenues and livelihood further the amount of care in Nutrition, Workouts, restrictions, some time use of appetite killing drugs like Adderall etc. is the key, which has adverse impact later post their ages of 50s or 60s.

A housewife or a working women if dares it do must not forget that every single body has different requirements and different daily life style, so it is imperative to find what works for you and your body.

Such size zero slim waistlines of models and celebrities despite carrying a baby a year or prior is really commendable but the secrets are no more secret, if you think sensible. There are diet plans purely customised as per their requirements with dedicated staffs working on diet, fitness and wellness 24*7.They work on timeline basis, If they have to go for a shoot, they take time to get into the shape which is desired, sometime unethical ways are also taken hesitantly, So as a crux, It is their living.

Try and be fit, Love Yourself, invest in good eating habits, you are different, you have better & larger role to play. Despite your work schedule, you keep yourself fitter and healthier, That is an achievement, So celebrate the celebrity factor in you without copying, Evolve.